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  • All Natural Popped Amaranth

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    Amaranth, the Ancient Wonder

    Ready to eat superfood. No need to cook. Boost your smoothies, salads, fruits, milk, yogurt, baking and so much more.

    Amaranth is gluten free.

    Amaranth is a complete protein, contains all essential aminoacids.

    It has a nutty, toasty flavor.

    Vegan – Gluten Free – Non GMO – Good source of protein

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    Kuali Amaranth Sample Pack

    Kuali Amaranth Sample Pack

    If you are new to amaranth or just can’t decide your flavor, the sample pack is the way to go.

    You’ll get one bar of each flavor:

    (1) Amaranth with Chia and Quinoa

    (1) Amaranth with Cranberries

    (1) Amaranth with Cocoa

    3 Bars
    0.8 OZ (25G) per bar