Vegan Crunk features Kuali Bars

I eat bars just about every day — usually as pre-run snacks in the early morning. I wake up to run most days around 5 a.m., and I’m the kind of person who wakes up hangry. But I don’t want too much on my stomach before a run.

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Amaranth Snack Bars + 6 More Things We’re Loving This Month

Once a month, we round-up some of our favorite vegetarian foods and kitchen tools and share them with you here on the Marketplace. Here are this month’s picks

Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking

Kid- Approved Snacks!

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The Plant-Powered Blog

How to live a plant-powered life by Sharon Palmer. Kuali Amaranth Bars made it to the list!

The Vegetarian Gazette

Crispy, cheerful KuaLi snack bars have a not so secret ingredient — amaranth seed, the ancient Aztec sustainer that now is an official superfood.

Art Of Natural Living

A Final Exam Healthier Care Package

Have Cake Will Travel

While the first bite is a bit healthier-tasting (you know that almost floral flavor amaranth has?), the subsequent ones are reminiscent of rice crisp treats of yore. A great treat/snack to have handy when mid-morning hunger strikes.

Fit Bottomed Eats -Being a foodie with a fit booty

Snacks That Are Short on Ingredients, Long on Flavor

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The Dreamy Idealist

Vegan Pantry Tour